Sunday 5. April 2020
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Welcome to the website of the Teutonic Order

The Teutonic Order or in its full name the Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's hospital in Jerusalem looks back on a long and eventful history of more than 800 years. Initially established as hospital brotherhood near the seaport Acre in the Holy Land in the year 1190, during the third crusade, the Teutonic Order was transformed to a clerical Order of Knights already in 1198 and existed as such for more than 700 years; only in 1929 was the Order changed to what it is today. It is a clerical institution of the order under papal law, in which the congregation of the Sisters of the Teutonic Order and to which the institute of associates is affiliated. In the prologue of our Order's Book it reads: "Real knighthood does not only know the time-bound form of swordplay, which has passed; the actual composure of chivalrous men  is rather expressed in their commitment for the Lord's kingdom, for protecting the defenceless, for helping the maltreated, those beset, the condemned and those in need." It is the pronounced goal of the brothers, sisters and associates of the German Order to jointly implement this composure, abiding by the Order's motto "Helping and Healing" With this homepage we would like to provide you with some insight in our lives and our work, in our roots and spirituality, in our past, but also the presence of our Order.

Best regards, Dr. Bruno Platter, 65. Grand Master of the Teutonic Order